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Termites – your house is their next meal

Termites Nature Food Insect  - RoyBuri / Pixabay
A home is your prized possession. From the minute you move in, you place your furniture where you want, paint the walls and even do construction. Sometimes, you call a contractor to knock down a wall and turn that first floor into a luxurious and bright space. However, your dream is about to become a nightmare when...

The itsy bitsy Spider…crawled on your face!

Are you one of those people that looks forward to taking a nice, hot shower to decompress? It can be your haven from rowdy kids or a nice break from a hard day.  Once in there, you think it’s your sanctuary. Nothing can reach me here. But you realize… you aren’t alone. A little eight legged creature...

Hey Mosquito, Buzz off!

We’ve all been there: it’s a nice summer evening and you are getting ready for bed. A nice breeze is coming through the window and your eyelids are getting heavy. You are about to surrender to sleep when you hear it: a high-pitched whining sound. Oh no! It’s a mosquito. You think you can tolerate it and...

Mr. Ant, You Don’t Pay Rent Here!

Ants Ant Anthill Tree Board  - lwccts / Pixabay
We’ve all been there; you are cleaning up your counters for a get together with friends and family. You want your home to look nice and make a good impression. As you wipe down that counter, you notice something odd; a little black body scuttling around the backsplash. Your blood runs cold. What is that? You take...


cockroaches at home
When you think of cockroaches, you envision a nightmare infestation in a dirty and heavily cluttered house. While this may be an extreme case, these creepy crawlies can come in, unannounced, into your spotless home as well. While they do not create much structural damage in the house, they can be a big health hazard and should...